Nizwa, commonly known as cultural city of Oman. It is the largest city in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region in Oman and was the capital of Oman proper.

Nizwa is one of the oldest cities in Oman and it was once a center of trade, religion, education and art. Its Jama (grand mosque) was formerly a center for Islamic learning. The birthplace of Younis Al-Riyami, Nizwa acquired its importance because it has been an important meeting point at the base of the Western Hajar Mountains. Set amid a verdant spread of date palms, it is strategically located at the crossroads of routes linking the interior with Muscat and the lower reaches of Dhofar thus serving as the link for a large part of the country.

Today, Nizwa is a diverse prosperous place with numerous agricultural, historical and recreational aspects. Nizwa is a center for date growing and is the market place for the area.

Being the oldest city, Nizwa and surroundings has various historical forts and Castles like Nizwa Fort, Fascinating Jabreen Castle and UNESCO Site, Bahla Fort. Visit the famous Nizwa Souq, the best place to buy silver Jewellery, and crafted clay items. On Friday mornings, there is interesting Cattle Market at Nizwa Souq, wherein Cattle owners sells cattle through auction.

Drive to Bahla – world famous for Pottery making and visit and experience the local pottery making factory or visit Birkal Al Mauz, popular for date plantations. At this place, you will also witness the popular Falaj System – Old irrigation system.

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