Commonly known as the Essence of Arabia, Oman boasts a rich heritage and embracing society, with a strong sense of identity, a pride in its ancient trading past and confidence in a highly educated future. For visitors, Oman is a rare chance to engage with the Arab world without the distorting lens of excessive wealth. Oman's low-rise towns retain their traditional charms and Bedouin values remain at the heart of an Omani welcome. The country is home to rich culture, heritage and beautiful landscape, including UNESCO sites, 1700kms of coastline, the third highest Grand Canyon in the world (3009m) and a vast desert with some of the most beautiful off road tracks in region.

Oman is a country, which overlook three seas - The Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea.

The coastline Oman extends 1.700 Km from the Strait of Hormuz in the north to the borders of the Republic of Yemen in the South. There many different Ports offering facilities to different vessels visiting Oman round the year.

The Three Main Port Of Interests For Our Guests On Cruise Liner Are As Below:

Muscat:   Muscat is a capital and largest city of Oman. Couple of years back, Muscat has been awarded as Arab capital and showcase the mix blend modernity and traditional values. One’s visit of Oman is not completed without visiting Muscat

Khasab:  A harbor bursting with activity and the capital of the province, Khasab is small but far from sleepy, with a souq echoing a babble of different languages, including Kumzari (a compound language of Arabic, Farsi, English, Hindi and Portuguese)

Salalah:  Salalah, the capital of the Dhofar region, is a colourful, subtropical city that owes much of its character to Oman’s former territories in East Africa. Flying into Salalah from Muscat, especially during the khareef, it is hard to imagine that Oman’s first and second cities share the same continent. Year-round, Salalah’s coconut-fringed beaches and plantations of bananas and papayas offer a flavour of Zanzibar in the heart of the Arabian Desert.

All these ports have several amazing excursions to offer, be a cultural tour in Muscat to UNESCO sites visit in Salalah or from visit to the highest grand canyon of Region (third highest Grand Canyon of world) to amazing diving excursion to see beautiful sea water life or from desert in Salalah to Snorkeling tour in Khasab. Various excursions can be worked for our Cruise guests showcasing the culture, tradition and landscape of Oman.

Key Port Information:

Port Salalah Khasab Muscat
Pier Length 519 meters 300 meters 470 meters
Dock Alongside Yes Yes Yes
Passenger Gangways Yes Yes Yes
Police Yes Yes Yes
Immigration Yes Yes Yes
Metal Detectors/X-ray Yes Yes Yes
Metal Detectors/X-ray No Yes Yes
Terminal Seating No Yes Yes
Terminal Seating No No Yes - Duty Free
Terminal Wifi No No No
Distance to Coaches 100 Meters 100 Meters 100 Meters
Distance to City Center 14 kms 6 kms 13 kms
Distance to Airport 20 kms 8 kms 25 kms
Public Transport to City Center Only Taxis No Only Taxis
Public Transport to Airport Only Taxis No Only Taxis
Taxi to City Center ($USD) 25 USD N/A 25 USD
Taxi to City Airport ($USD) 40 USD N/A 40 USD